Your votes please! Week 11 – 2015

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How to vote

You can vote for your favorite photo by checking the check boxes in the Google form.
You can find the link to the form below.
Please don't vote for more than 5 photos.
At the end of the week we will count the votes and the photo with the most votes wins.
It's as simple as that.

The vote will close at 6 PM CET on the Saturday after this post goes public.

The winners will be shared on this website under the tab: Winner

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In this vote:
Dyrektor Lodowki
  +Alex Lapidus  +Simonetta Da Pra  +Christoph Oberschneider Photography  +Girolamo Cracchiolo  +Ferdinando Messina  +Christian Hoiberg  +Kris Kowalewski  +dietmar rogacki  +Chris McLennan  +Darren Song Ng  +Steve Alfano  +roberto moiola  +mari m   +Roxanne Bouche' Overton  +John Bruininck

Rules of the HQSP Vote:

- A photographer cannot vote for their own photo
- A photographer cannot vote with other accounts/pages he or she owns/curates
- A photographer should not call others to vote for his photo alone. Inviting people to vote in general, is OK.


Click on the logo to vote: 


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