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There is not one definition for urban/street photography. Different photographers might give you different answers. We’re going to give it a try for HQSP.

A photo shared on HQSP Urban and Street Photos is taken in a street, a city, an urban environment. It should show people interacting with the environment/ with each other. It can even be about capturing the emotion and expressions of people. Ideally it should synthesize both the human element as well as the urban environment.

  • Photos that only show one or more buildings with a special design or form, might better be shared on +HQSP Urban & Architecture.
  • Photos of people in the street where you only see their shoulders and face are better shared with +HQSP Portraits.
  • Photos that show a part af the city, a view from afar or from a high place, might better be shared on +HQSP Landscape.

How to share With our page:
1 add the +HQSP Street and Documentary page to your circles
2 add the curators to your circles:  Angelo Gifford  |  Birka Wiedmaier  |  Matvey Z  |  Janusz Bednarski  | 
3 Hash tag  #hqspStreetDoc  sharing even easier, you can just copy and paste the following:

#hqspStreetDoc for +102873089149603762163  


The HQSP Street & Documentary team: