HQSP Motion

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We share your high quality still images depicting motion. The styles and subject matter are full of possibilities. Subjects frozen in action with a fast shutter speed. Fluid motion captured with creative long exposures. Several frames of action combined in a single image. Water droplets frozen in time. Nature, man-made, abstract... the contents here are limited only by your imagination.

Examples: Sports, driving vehicles, running animals, water movements, etc. etc. Use your imagination, but no videos or GIFs please!

How to share with our page:

1 add the +HQSP Motion page to your circles
2 add the curators to your circles:  Anja Wessels
3 Hash tag  #hqspmotion and plustag +HQSP Motion  in your post. 
4 To make sharing even easier, you can just copy and paste the following:

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