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The HQSP page is a special page. It is the only HQSP page that shares more than just photos. We share music and music photos. Only the photos are part of the HQSP Pyramid and can be shared on HQSP Promotion, HQSP Winners and eligible to end up in the vote. The music we share is: classical and non-popular music.

Music photos are photos that depict music instruments, musicians, music paper, etc. You can think of photos of street musicians, concerts, instruments in a museum, store or other collection or when being played etc

How to share with our page:
1 Add the +HQSP Music page to your circles
2 Add the curators to your circles: +Bill Merrow
3 Hash tag  #hqspmusic and plustag +HQSP Music in your post. 
4 To make sharing even easier, you can just copy and paste the following:

#hqspmusic +110509655973247881228 curated by  +100361218254418836871


HQSP Music team: