HQSP Education

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Why this community?

HQSP has always had the goal: promoting photography and photographers. Promoting means education will have to be a part of it. There are many photographers on Google plus. Many of them are willing to share their knowledge. There are a lot of photographers on Google plus that want to improve themselves and want to learn. And there are a lot of people on Google plus who want to start with photography, as a hobby or maybe even become a pro. In the HQSP Education community, we want to bring all these people together. 

We can all be both teacher and pupil at the same time. We can share posts with interesting information. We can post photos and ask for feedback and last but not least, we can give feedback. This way we can all grow, no matter of the level of knowledge and skills we have.

Important: We want the community to be a nice, friendly and save place without trolls, spammers and degrading comments. The atmosphere should be one, where one can post a photo, ask for feedback and get motivated feedback that helps to get better. 

Community rules:

• Only sharing original work in the feedback categories
• Sharing of photos only straight into the community
• Feedback request always have:
        - Used settings of the camera
        - Used settings in post processing
        - The request: what kind of feedback are asking for?
• Only motivated feedback, constructive criticism
• No sharing with hashtags and (commercial)-links
• No sharing commercial posts
• Album share to compare photos is OK. Max. photos: 5
• Max. one feedback request (post) per day


To ensure this community is a fun and great way to learn about photography, our moderators will be strict in upholding our rules. Posts and comments that are not in accordance with the rules will be deleted. Members who repeatedly violate the rules will be removed and may be blocked.