HQSP Flowers

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On the flowers page we share your best flower photos. A flower has to be the main subject in the photo.

  • We don’t share flowerfields here, you might want to share those with #hqsplandscape | +HQSP Landscape
  • We don't share photos that show a close-up/macro of only a part of the flower, you might want to share those with #hqspmacro | +HQSP Macro

How to share with our page:
1 add the +HQSP Flowers page to your circles
2 add the curators to your circles: Wayne Lu  |  Iva Pas Photography  | Francine Vanlé | Annette Spijker | Lara Stratova

3 Hash tag #hqspflowers and plustag  in your post.

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HQSP Flowers team: