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How does the HQSP system work?

There are two ways to participate in the HQSP system.

1. By sharing in the HQSP Community
2. By sharing with the hash tag of a HQSP theme page

In this way you end up at the base of the HQSP pyramid. 

The Pyramid

The pyramid has 5 levels:

  • The base is formed by you, the photographer. You post your photo either by posting your photo with a hash tag of a theme page, or by posting a photo in the HQSP Community. You can also reshare a post you posted public in the community.
  • Level two are the theme pages. Your photo is shared in the daily collection of the  the theme page, if it is good enough and fits the theme. It The best are placed in the favorites collection.  The theme pages have a group of managers who curate and pick the photos.

  • Level three is HQSP Gold. Everyday the Gold team picks the best photos from the favorites collections on the theme pages. 
  • Level four is Post of the day. Best of the day go to HQSP Post of the day. One best and a runner up.

How do you become a winner?

You can become " post of the day"  if you keep the next points in mind when you take a photo:

  • Is the subject interesting? Almost anything can become interesting by choosing the right perspective, composition and framing.
  • Playing with DOF, exposure and light/shadow is elementary.
  • Is it program shooting or manual settings?
  • Is the photo sharp where it is meant to be sharp?
  • Is the overall image appealing?
  • Is the (after) processing right? Contrast, color (accuracy and saturation), and brightness.
  • Is my logo or copyright sign not too dominant
  • Is my photo my not in violation of the HQSP rules  


HQSP Rules 

  • We cannot share your posts if you do not circle us.  This is very important. 
  • Please do not tag our names or page names in your image. A tagged image will be ignored.
  • Please do not share albums, share only single images, albums will be ignored.

  • Please keep your watermarks reasonably sized and positioned.
  • Please do not share Gif’s, for example the result of Auto Awesome by Google. So no moving photos.
  • Please do not share photos with text in any form other than logos and copyright a signs. We do not support messages in foreign languages without knowing what we share, that is why we don’t share any messages at all.
  • Above all, share your own work with us, have fun and interact with us.
  • Share only your best shots with our pages, only one post per day and theme!  
  • HQSP can only share photos shared by a person, a photographer. It can be via page, but the name of the photographer should be in the name of the page. We don't share photos posted by accounts that are: a company, a website, a club, etc.

Note! HQSP reserves the right to choose which photos are shared.


Rules for HQSP Vote:

  • A photographer cannot vote for their own photo
  • A photographer cannot vote with other accounts/pages he or she owns/curates
  • A photographer should not call others to vote for his photo alone. Inviting people to vote in general, is OK.